Transforming Data from a Problem to an Opportunity

FYI Solutions' data optimization and analytics tools help organizations empower their end users to use data to create value. We have a proven track record of implementing the full spectrum of business intelligence capabilities including reporting, analysis, scorecarding, dashboards, business event management, and data integration utilizing a proven architecture.

We also offer specific services within the Business Intelligence practice such as discovery, quickmart, data warehouse assessment, and vendor/tool evaluation. Our significant experience in business intelligence enables FYI to deliver powerful systems that give our clients comprehensive understanding of the factors affecting their business performance. These systems enable better decision-making across the enterprise. We are specialists in:

  • Performance Management
  • Data Warehousing and Data Marts
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Enterprise Planning

Data OptimizationFYI Solutions’ Data Optimization methodology has been developed over a period of many years, building upon our experience and history of success in this field. It’s a roadmap for uncovering problems and bottlenecks in your Business Intelligence (BI) infrastructure and crafting a targeted solution, setting your organization on a path to achieving its BI goals.

We start with a period of discovery and assessment. This broad view of your organization's BI landscape helps us quickly identify potential problem areas. We fully document and share our findings. From this, we craft a plan for achieving short term results and long term goals.

The next phase is a deeper dive into the problem areas revealed during the discovery period. Our analysts and engineers work with your team to overcome obstacles in such areas as your end-user experience, data governance, and technical architecture. Our findings and solutions are well documented and shared with your team.

Business Analytics

Implementing a successful Business Analytics solution requires a mix of technology and business knowledge. Before you can understand how to use technology to make better business decisions, you must first understand how the business works.

Our teams of Business Analytics and Information Management specialists are trusted advisors with a unique combination of technical and business acumen. We take the time and work with your team to deliver a complete and customized solution, not just an implementation—one that meets your business needs while making the most of technologies you already own.

FYI Solutions has extensive business Intelligence reporting, analytics and dashboarding experience in a variety of complex industries, from Financial Services to Life Sciences. Our implementation services provide everything from initial assessments to full customized solutions. We help rapidly deliver the right information to the right person in a flexible, meaningful way, empowering your team to make better decisions.

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How We're Different

FYI Solutions specializes in Data Optimization and Business Analytics. Because of our experience, our work is tactical and focused. We deliver targeted solutions that conform to industry-accepted best practices. More important, we deliver rapid results that make an immediate impact on your company’s performance.

We deliver results quickly, but we also work to support your needs over the long term. FYI Solutions is dedicated to bringing the highest level of support to our clients, long after the development and implementation phases are over. We offer value-added support services that address the real business functions and logic of your software applications. We can diagnose and fix problems as they occur to give you peace of mind.

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