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Cyber Security

In today’s digital world, where desired information is instantly accessible from any device and at any time, data privacy and protection are increasingly vulnerable. The need for future-generation cybersecurity that takes a more holistic approach, from detection to protection, prevention, and repair, is now. We use automation, sophisticated analytics, and cross-domain coordination to achieve Security Orchestration and Automation Response (SOAR). While the rest of the world focuses on improving security management, our SOAR-enabled automation allows us to provide next-generation cyber security to our customers.

Information Security Assessments

Our cybersecurity evaluation services will provide a comprehensive risk, threat, and vulnerability assessment to ensure the security of your organization. We use a multidisciplinary approach to combat threats from all angles, combining data, physical surroundings, the human element, and technology. To assist guarantee that its cyber security strategy is effective, as well as maintain an effective cyber security plan at each step, we evaluate and address the causes and risk factors of known security holes in a firm’s technological infrastructures and employee training.

Network Monitoring

The popularity of cloud computing has necessitated the need for always accessible and quick services and applications. As a result, network monitoring is essential. This is due to its role as the front line of defense, defending programs from an external hazard to Modern data centers, which have grown in complexity owing to the popularity of the cloud, with current storage infrastructure and virtualization. This is to ensure a continuous business, minimize data security threats, provide optimum application performance and give a pleasant end-user experience.

Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service

More advanced technologies, skilled personnel, and thorough incident response are required for sophisticated assaults than in the past. Instead of keeping a security operations center (SOC) on your own with minimal personnel, time, and money, SOC-as-a-Service allows you to quickly and efficiently update your security posture. You get all of the SOC functions, as well as cybersecurity experts, integrated technologies like SIEM and Endpoint Protection, and services like vulnerability management, network scanning, and threat intelligence in a SaaS model.

Data Governance

FYI’s data governance services offer a data classification (based on sensitivity) approach and insight into where the data is being kept. This service also includes data scans to provide metadata on where company data comes from, where it is stored, how access is controlled or confidential information is managed, and how present security is provided. The goal of these solutions is to help organizations develop data governance and management plans to reduce gaps and protect corporate assets from new data security threats.
data governance

Penetration Testing & Phishing

The objective of Phishing Penetration Testing is to evaluate the participants’ role in phishing frauds, even if they did not give their consent. Phishing emails frequently fool people into believing they are genuine by posing as something else. This simulated phishing drill verifies your company’s security posture, including the evaluation of its users’ cybersecurity awareness. Phishing penetration testing helps you find and get rid of fraudulent emails as well as prevent users from clicking on harmful attachments or links and downloading dangerous programs.
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